Administration: Change Available Species

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Species currently available are as follows. To change price or number, edit the value and click "update".

To remove a species from the list, set the volume available to less than 9 (note: mixes and special offers are also added or not if volume is greater than or equal to 9).

To add a species or change the minimum number for an order, scroll down.

Atrophaneura semperi £   Battus polydamus £
Graphium agamemnon £   Pachliopta kotzebuea £
Papilio anchisiades £   Papilio demoleus £
Papilio lowi £   Papilio memnon £
Papilio palinurus £   Papilio polytes £
Papilio rumanzovia £   Papilio thoas £
Caligo eurilochus £   Opsiphanes tamarindi £
Morpho peleides £  
Danaus chrysippus £   Danaus plexippus £
Idea leuconoe £  
Dryas julia £   Eueides isabella £
Heliconius erato £   Heliconius hecale £
Heliconius melpomene £  
Athyma perius £   Catonephele numila £
Cethosia biblis £   Cethosia cyane £
Hypna clytemnestra £   Hypolimnas bolina jacintha £
Memphis eurypyle £   Myscelia cyaniris £
Parthenos sylvia lilacinus £   Parthenos sylvia philippinensis £
Precis iphita £   Siproeta stelenes £
Catopsilia pyranthe £   Hebomoia glaucippe £
Phoebis philea £  
Daphnis nerii £  
Attacus atlas £  
Global Deluxe Mix £   Global Standard Mix £


Leave price blank if using the default catalogue price.


Change the limit for available pupae, below which they will be indicated as 'sold out'.
Current value is shown (usual default is 10)
Minimum Availability Threshold
Change the limiting volume for an order to be made. Orders won't be allowed to process if less than this.
Current value is shown (usual default is 20)
Order Volume Threshold


Change the disclaimer to be shown on front page
Delete if none required - fully; a space left will give an empty banner.
Disclaimer text:


Exchange Rate
Change the Euro exchange rate. This will change all Euro values on orders and in the catalogue.
Current value is shown (value is limited to 2 decimal places)
Euro Exchange Rate